2021 RLI Kansas Chapter President’s Message

December 2020

Hello Everyone,

Wow, what a year this has been!  I have heard a lot of people saying “I’m ready for 2020 to be over”, and yesterday while driving through town I saw a billboard that said “The Best Part of Christmas is that there is only 6 days left of this year”.  There is a part of me that resounds with that, and I can certainly understand the sentiment as the chaos of 2020 has worn on us all, but I’m hopeful that this  note finds you healthy and able to reflect back on some positive aspects of this last year.

For myself, my family welcomed our 3rd child in the middle of this pandemic, and I have managed to spend more time with my wife and all of my children and witness parts of our new son’s first few months that I never would have done in a “normal” year.  I do miss some of the things that we would have done, the family and friends we haven’t seen, and I am tired of the limitations, but I have new memories that wouldn’t have existed if some of this pausing wasn’t forced upon me.

As we look at 2021 I am encouraged for our chapter and excited to see where the year takes us.  We are going to continue looking at avenues to allow us to move forward as a chapter while still allowing for opportunities for our members at all different comfort levels with COVID.  Currently in the works are some options for Ranch tours, we are looking at some distance style education opportunities, and we are hopeful that we may get our in person hemp class rescheduled.

I have personally seen how this pandemic has people looking to see how they can find a little more “space” and I see our roles as the land experts only being more valuable.  Please be active in helping us know how we can improve our chapter, and what areas you can see yourself needing to grow professionally, and I am looking forward to this next year working alongside you all!

Best Regards,

Eric Neilson